We started this trip around Lendava with lunch at nice, home place restaurant Lovski dom in Lendava. We stayed at Hotel Vinarium for two nights and it was wonderful. That’s the way to experience wine growing area of Lendava.

First day we went up to the top of Vinarium tower, where you can admire the landscape of 4 countries.

First evening there was time for excellent food and wine from Hiša vina Cuk (Cuk House of wine).

After good and nutritious breakfast from Market Hungarikum in the morning we went cycling with bikes from Bike center Murania. It was great, cycling around town, seeing time machine at Cultural hall, synagogue and art exhibition at Lendava Castle.

Our snack in the city was made by Tourist association Hotiza at the Home market and lunch a little bit later at Malibu Kapca.

At the end there was time to visit the chapel of the Holy Trinity, where they store mummy of Mihael Hadik.

Lendava really is a place to visit and we heartily recommend it.